Glass Lined Storage Tank in stock

Our History
Zibo tongde import and export co., LTD is affiliated to shandong tongde chemical equipment co., LTD. The company covers an area of 16,000 square meters and has 23 years of development history since its establishment. The company has 123 employees, including 15 technicians (2 senior engineers, 6 intermediate titles).
Our Factory
Our company has strong technical force, complete production equipment, perfect testing means and advanced technology. The products are manufactured in strict accordance with the relevant national standards to ensure that the qualified rate of the products reaches 100%. In 2010, it obtained the manufacturing license of D1D2 pressure vessel.The company adheres to the traditional culture of "the way of Confucius and mencius" in shandong, and establishes its own company philosophy of "going through thousands of miles, virtue world, people-oriented, hand in hand.Let us work together on the road of cooperation and seek common development, beauty belongs to me, but also more belong to you.
Our Product
K type enameled glass reactor, F type enameled glass reactor, electrically heated enameled glass reactor, enameled glass storage tank, stirrer, valve, seal, enameled glass condenser, enameled glass double cone dryer, chemical raw materials products, crafts, bearings, chemical equipment accessories, etc.
Product Application
Chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, pesticides, food additives, dyes and other industries.
Production Equipment
There are 3 submerged arc automatic welding machines, 10 gas shielded welding machines, 2 plate coiling machines (with the maximum capacity of 40mm), 1 CNC cutting machine, 1 steel billet automatic polishing machine and 3 honing furnaces with multiple patented technologies.Processing capacity 50l-50000l, stainless steel polishing equipment 2, stainless steel pickling passivation equipment 1 set.
Production Market
Our products are exported to Korea, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, etc
Our Service
In order to better serve customers and improve the quality of our products, the company has established a special after-sales service team.From on-site guidance of installation and debugging of equipment transmission system to problem feedback processing and after-sales quality and service tracking, there is a complete and fast process, so as to solve problems for customers faster and better.Glass Lined Storage Tank in stock